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Out of Bounds Golf Company, “OB Golf” was founded in 2020 by a couple of friends that wanted to do something around our passions. Started with an ice cold brew and a passion for connecting with others, with no expectations of where this would go, it’s been a journey that we are embracing and we just want to share it with others.


Build a community by connecting people around our shared passion for golf and dope threads.


A community-based golf apparel brand with a passion for bringing people together, expressed in everything we create.


OB Golf is the rare opportunity that we have to inspire others to take a risk on their passion and connect with others who feel the same.


We often talk about what other great brands do that separate their products from others. During our weekly meetings, we find ourselves bringing up the same brands, the same products, as we try to explain what makes these brands so different. Sure, the quality of the product, the ease of use, the design, the function - it's all a part of it. But there's something different. Something you aren't able to explain. 


What is it? Why do only certain brands and products have it? Just that different feel.

You can't describe something that just makes you feel different when you receive it. The logo, the packaging, the smell, the way it opens, the product-the overall experience. Sure the product is quality, but it's the entire experience that gives you the feeling of a deeper connection with the brand. You feel a brand's purpose, their values, how much they care. This is through the entire consumer experience, from content and marketing, to product and service. So how do we achieve this? 


"Nothing great in this world has ever been accomplished without Passion" -Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

True genuine passion becomes obsessive. You dedicate yourself to it,  sacrifice other things for it, seek as much knowledge and experience through it, pour your energy into it. Our brand values passion. Everything that we achieve as a company will be because of the passion we have for something. 


Building a community gets accomplished because of the passion we have for connecting with people.


Creating products and services that are unique, of premium quality, and innovative, gets accomplished because of the Passion we have for the experience we will share with others.

Everything we do, is because we love to do it. We are capable of creating things that inspire others. Isn't that the feeling you get with certain brands? It's the inspiration. Achieving this comes only through doing everything with passion, to give others

A Different Feel.

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